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Two very interesting circuits, for a specialized public, as same as for neophytes. The purpose of those circuits is to help you to discover the flora in Khuvsgul and introduce you how to use those plants. Khuvsgul possesses a rich endemic flora and some of these species are very rare. Browse the lake shore, reach the high valleys of Khorido Saridag range mountain, with Oyumaa, are some highly educative moments.
Share with Tsaatan families their knowledge of the use of plants are also unique moments. Far from educative journeys, or pure botanical lessons, those circuits are just initiations to discover nature and Mongolian culture, together with Oyumaa, child of this land and passionate on botanic. Oyumaas’ desire is simply to make you to discover his passion and to learn new ways to use plants
.... Journeys between sharing and discovery.
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