Tumultuous was Mongolian past, where Buddhism and shamanism coexist and mix from centuries. A country where Buddhism remains quite different than in other Asian countries, a softer Buddhism, but always presents, a thread of silk in the Mongolian cultural frame. Far from monastic Buddhism, Mongolia is a reflect of a religion who adapted over years and invasions, a Buddhism who survived the Soviet purges.
Quite every where in the country, traces of an epoch when Buddhism was drowning the steppes, monasteries, ruins, energy spot sites, this journey invites you to discover the past and present of this religion, this spiritual way. You will have an overview about Buddhism in Mongolia, guided by a Lama, or you can choose to go deeper in Buddhist culture, with the possibility to meet Lamas responsible on each monastery that you’ll visited, possibility to speak with them about their way to live and understanding of religion and culture.
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