Ethnology in Mongolia
Encounter with Kazakh
and Tsaatan ethnics
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Absolut Mongolia invites you into the heart of Mongolian culture. Mongolia is a vast territory, with a population density incredibly low ....
But however, lives between steppes, mountains, deserts and tundra, a wide diversity of ethnic groups, among them, many are very close to the main ethnic, the Khalkhes.
It’s for an encounter with two ethnic groups whose cultures are most remote, that we will bring you.
Without voyeurism, in absolute humility and especially with the discretion necessary for the respect for these people, four unique routes, to slip you into the
skin of proud Khazakh, eagle on fist, in heart of Altai mountains or as a Tsaatan, enamored of freedom, ridding reindeer among the peat lands of northern taiga. To appreciate those circuits it will be necessary for you to leave in the last hotel, all your conformism and landmarks of comfort, those journeys will be full of authentic encounters and unforgettable moments.
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