ABSOLUT MONGOLIA offers cultural thematic tours developed by Joel, over 25 years experience in framing and creating journeys in France and abroad. Mountain leader, he has a sense of discovery and the desire to bring his clients to discover by their own the treasures of nature and cultures. In 2003, from this passion to explore and discover, was born Wind of Mongolia with the first trips proposed by the agency; journeys close to nomadic culture, favoring meetings and exchanges. Joel with his team and in very close collaboration with specialized guides, created some very original circuits with the concerns to plunge the visitor into the Mongolian world. During archeologic circuit, dive into the history of this mythic country, golden hordes are at the origin of a lot of cultures, exchanges, trade, a rich but not very well known history where only few names as Attila or Gengi Khan resound….but the history is much more rich than that.
On botanic trip, ABSOLUT MONGOLIA proposes to discover endemic plants, but also how the nomads used these plants for food and also in traditional medicine. The Mongolian nomads, Tsataans, the Buryats live in harmony with nature for centuries, using many varieties and species, origins if this knowledge most of time is lost, but practices persists.
The Buddhism journey is a serious incursion into the particular religious practice in Mongolia. The Manchoue domination, but especially the Soviet purges, transformed Buddhism;  made this religion more "flexible", more discreet, where (for example), monks may have a job outside of their presence to the monastery and a family, it was a vital imperative, during Soviet epoch to be able to escape on gulag, or worst.
With ethnic circuits, ABSOLUT MONGOLIA offers true immersions in Kazakh culture or in Tsaatan life. Immersion definitely far from a voyeuristic and superficial journey, but a true cultural meeting during witch, each one will be able to exchange and share its own culture with the others.        
ABSOLUT MONGOLIA ’s team guide is constituted by true specialists and professionals, ready to share and to let you to discover their passion, their culture.
Our journeys take place by very little groups, or even on individual to give the opportunity for better exchanges, but also with a deep respect of each culture, especially during ethnic journeys.
Amazing landscapes, diversity, meetings, culture …
Wind of Mongolia,
French/Mongolian agency established few years ago by Joel Rauzy.
Joel French, 48 years old, mountain guide from ... long time, since almost same a musher, who loves nature and wide open spaces, sports and adventure, he settled in the land of sky blue 8 years ago and began creating off road tours..
For 7 years, Joel and his team travel the lesser known areas of the country, opening new roads every year, refining their products and move some deep thematic trips not often proposed, with the help of professionals, specialized for each activity; thus born three distinct branches of Wind of Mongolia, with a website for each of them: ABSOLUT MONGOLIA for cultural issues, HEAVENLY MONGOLIA for more conventional circuits to discover the country and this site EXTREME MONGOLIA dedicated to sports journey and adventures.
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