For pleasure... some portraits of our Mongolian friends.
He is a mountain guide, musher and founder of the agency. Professional in tourism for over 20 years Joel is your privileged interlocutor for your requests concerning technical details and “ a la carte” journey. ... and of course your guide for dog sledding.
Agency Manager, she is essential in creating new tour and the organization of local routes. She is in charge of the English part of the agency; Bayana will also be your guide with Joel during your adventure by dog sledding.
After a training in France, Enerel returned to his own country. She is now the French manager of  the agency and your main contact for all circuits, tacking car for your requests and can even be your guide.
For sure, she will welcome you at the airport.
He is logistician of the team. Uugana is dealing with selection and material management. He is also the heavy logistics specialist.
You certainly do not meet him, but he will be in the shadow of your trip.
She is the English manager, she handles the English-speaking clients, and works with Bayana on requests by English.
Ariuna is taking care of English speaking customers.
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