Guide • Archeology in Mongolia
Jérome Magail
is an anthropologist and Manager at Museum of Prehistorical Anthropology of Monaco. Responsible of archeological mission in Mongolia.
Before being anthropologist in the Museum of Monaco, Jérome taught his discipline at Nice University, until 2001 when he acquires its University thesis. His first researches concern the painting rock art of the Bronze Age in “the Valley of Marvels”, 80 km north from Nice.
During his first campaign in Mongolia, in the summer of 2002, he studied a large necropolis belonging to the khunnu civilization, with a team of researchers from the CNRS and the national museum of Asian Arts - Guimet in Paris. In 2003, the archaeological artifacts recovered from this site have been unveiled by this team in an exhibition “Mongolia; Emperors, Herders and Warriors”.
This exhibition was shown in Paris, Monaco and in Ulaanbaatar. He involved in the preparation and drafting of the book entitled « Mongolia, the first empire of steppes”.
In 2005, he became administrator if the Prehistorical Anthropology Museum of Monaco and creates an archaeological mission jointly with the Academy of Sciences of Mongolia, dedicated on research on steppes, concerning populations of the end of the Bronze age. The first project of the Monaco-Mongolian joint archaeological expedition, took place in summer 2006 on Tsatsiin Ereg.
Since, every summer, this team travel to the heart of the Arkhangai province to study a wide necropolis.
On lead of this mission with Professor Tseveendorj, Director of the Mongolian Institute of Archaeology, Jerome Magail solicits many specialists to perform advanced multidisciplinary research. His research on painting rock art, the origins of time measurement and funeral rituals took him to many countries in Central Europe, Asia and Sahara.
Pour en savoir plus sur cette mission > http://archeo-steppe.com/
Guide • Botanic in Mongolia
Oyumaa obtains her diploma as professor in 1990 and completed her doctorate in 2001.
Passionate by botanic, she continued to improve and to explore the Mongolian specific biotopes.
In 1995, she wrote a book about specific flora of Khuvsgul province where she is from. ...” when I was child, I was reading a lot and I enjoyed walking around, alone in the mountains. I read almost all Jules Vernes books. Reading all those books pushed me to become an ecologist to discover world.
Then in 1981, after my secondary studies I entered on first year of Biology in the Mongolian National University. From the third year of the university, I specialized on botanic lessons because by studying plants we also learn to treat peoples.  Research in botanic attracted me a lot, because it’s no need to kill a living being to acquire results, on contrary, it helps to cure peoples and animals..... Plants are every where, in the city, in countryside…in the plain and steppe species diversity increases, their colors and their aspects are more and more interesting...I love my job and I like to see plants, to admire Mongolian landscapes. When I see all the plants that I do not know, my interest grew even more, Botany is a science where it is impossible to get bored...
Today there are virtually no meal without vegetables, medecines without participation of a plant, there is no raw materials and products without using plants, role of botanists is increasing more and more… “
Oyumaa cooperate with Wind of Mongolia for more than 3 years.
Guide • Buddhism in Mongolia
My name is Mygmarsuren GOMBODORJ.
Since my young age, I have a deep interest in ancient history, culture and spirituality.  I therefore decided to become a monk, that was the best way for me to study deepely those topics and by getting me closer to Buddhism, try to become a “better person” . At 20 years old, after my graduation in high school, I became a monk. By this way, I followed the modern education cursus as well as the traditional way to learn Buddhism with my spiritual Masters.
I finally got the title of Master in ancient Mongolian Buddhist literature. I am considering today to continue my studies and my research, still in the field of ancient Mongolian Buddhism and by this way contribute to a better understanding on Buddhism. It is also for those purposes, to promote Buddhism, its origins and history in Mongolia that I accepted, in agreement with my spiritual masters, to cooperate with Wind of Mongolia.
This cooperation is also a way for me to meet other peoples, share and discover other cultures. Travels and my interest in the other countries, bring me to study in India, in Dharamsala and Varanasi, as well as in London.
Guide • Ethnology trip - meeting with the people Tsaatan
Zorigo son of taiga and free as wind....
Zorigo born there, in the heart of the red taiga, where there is no limit, he is Tsaatan and proud to be, he is one of the leaders of Tsaatan clan from the Baruun Taig. We have created with Zorigo a small network in the deep of the taiga, he will be your host and your guide to penetrate this unique world. This world where Tsaatan spirit fleet between heaven and earth ... In perfect harmony with the elements.
Zorigo lives with his family an unchanged existence, as their ancestors was living, a few English words and quick wit, Zorigo has already traveled abroad, but it’s in his homeland where he born, that he raises his children in the best Tsaatan tradition. Zorigo will not really explain to you how or when, it will be you duty to drag you into his lifestyle, it will be yours to live in the taiga by his presence.
Guide and logistics in Kazakh countries - Ethnology trips
Kaderbeck is our guide & logistician in Bayan Ulgii from several years.
Just a little more than fifty yeard old, Kaderbeck took his retirement few time ago. After long studies in Germany and Russia, he returns to Ulgii to practice as professor of history and remain there throughout his career. For this Kaderbeck spoke Russian and German, plus a few words of English learned long ago at school.
Kaderbeck falls in love with music and especially Kazakh music and he never miss an opportunity to enlighten a party by playing his dombra (typical Kazakh instrument). Married and father of 5 children, Kaderbeck is a well living guy, who enjoys promoting his culture, his earth, his roots. Kazakh in deepest of him, an unbelievable welcoming sense, he will know how to drive you and make you to enjoy his province and his friends ….installing you under his Kiguizoui (kazakh yurt) and organize a traditional party, to impregnate you more about this culture.
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