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Fishing in Mongolia
The quest for Taimen
Fishing could almost seem off-topic on this site dedicated to cultural circuits. But whatever, It’s a part of the Northern Mongolia culture. Khuvsgul, well known for its Lake but a little less for its rivers, is one of the few Mongolian areas where fishing is practiced for generations. The various fish species, present in rivers, ranging from the grayling, to the legendary taimen, with of course the Arctic trout (lenok) or the freshwater lotta, are used for private consummation and to be smoked and trade in all the country.
Tsaatans, reindeer herders living in the extreme north-west of Khuvsgul province, in the heart of the taiga, also practice widely fishing in the rivers with the rudimentary techniques close to ancestral way. The taimen, larger salmon in the world, is only present in a few regions of the world, including Mongolia and the south of Russia, with the famous rivers lena and the Yenisei, that take its source in Mongolia. In Mongolia,the Eg and Delger Moron rivers are those with the most important population of Taimen. The large carnivore population is due to a few fishing activity in those rivers, taimen lifetime is about 40 years, in those rivers, they have time to grow up and it’s quite common to see taimen up to 1 meter.
There are even legends of Mongolian fish, like this of a giant Taimen trapped in the ice of a river…A family of herders starved by winter rigors would have been able to survive by sharpening on the living animal, pieces of its flesh. In spring the ice melted and let the huge taimen to find out its freedom …
That's why, ABSOLUT MONGOLIA decided to offer you this taimen fly fishing journey, in partnership with Fish Mongolia, one of the best fly fishing specialist in Mongolia and the only structure participating actively on preservation of taimen in northern rivers.
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